Iranian Student Protest at UN
The Militant — March 30, 1964

The Mossadegh Project | May 7, 2014      

This 1964 news item comes from The Militant, the long-running socialist newspaper associated with the Socialist Workers Party (SWP). As human rights conditions under the Shah worsened, demonstrations such as these occurred more frequently.

Students Protest Lack Of
Human Rights in Iran

NEW YORK, March 19 — Some 40 students demonstrated in front of the United Nations today to commemorate the short-lived nationalization of the Iranian oil industry by Premier Mohammed Mossadegh 13 years ago and to protest the current suppression of human rights in Iran.

The demonstration was sponsored by the Iranian Student Association in the United States. Similar demonstrations took place throughout Europe, sponsored by the Confederation of Iranian Students, the world organization of some 25,000 students outside of Iran.

A spokesman for the demonstrators here pointed out that the students were picketing at the UN because all forms of protest had been suppressed in Iran. They called on the UN Commission on Human Rights to establish a fact-finding mission to study the violation of human rights in Iran.

Signs carried by the demonstrators included: “Stop Aid to Iran’s Corrupt Government,” “Restore Constitutional Rights in Iran,” and “We Protest the Harassment of the Iranian Students.”

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