Lingering Bias

The Greenville News — October 11, 1953

The Mossadegh Project | March 28, 2020                         

An editorial in The Greenville News newspaper from Greenville, South Carolina.

Iran Oil Consortium | Archive (1953-1954)


The new Iranian government has made an announcement which seems quite significant. It reads: “While appreciating the pure and valuable sentiments of the brave Iranian nation which has made all kinds of sacrifices to maintain its rights, the government hopes to take efficient steps toward exploiting the resources which is the main source of the income of the Iranian nation.”

This clearly implies that an effort is going to be made to settle the problem of the nationalized oil industry. In so doing Premier Zahedi [Fazlollah Zahedi] is running a certain risk, because the anti-British and anti-western bias aroused during the tenure of former Premier Mossadegh still lingers and might be revived at any time by Communist agitators.

The government realizes, however, that the oil industry must be put back to work, and that the assistance of foreign technicians will be needed. The British, of course, could understandably be a bit difficult to deal with, but in the interests of the non-communist world. Is to be hoped that this will not prove to be the case.


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