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July 24, 1952 — The Advocate

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The Advocate newspaper serving Northwestern and Western Tasmania, Australia published this editorial after Premier Mossadegh was returned to power in July 1952, an event known in Iran as 30 Tir.

Australian media archive

The Advocate (Northwestern and Western Tasmania, Australia)


WHEN last week it was announced the Shah of Persia had appointed a new Prime Minister who expressed his intention of setting the dispute which is holding up the country’s oil production there were high hopes that an end was in sight to the bad relations between Persia and Britain. But since then two ominous happenings have gone far to destroy any hope of a reasonable outcome.

Teheran mobs revealed their antipathy to a settlement, and their support for the deposed Prime Minister, Dr. Mossadeq, so that Dr. Ghavim [sic—Ahmad Ghavam] had to flee for his life to be replaced by the truculent and bombastic Mossadeq. Not less disheartening comes the decision of the International Court to the effect that it has no jurisdiction in the dispute between Persia and the Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. and that it is a matter between Persia and the company to settle.

Dr. Mossadeq will be in high glee. Confirmed in office by popular acclaim, he will have a free hand to deal with the company in his own way. And it will be the hard way. What is disappointing is that the line taken by Mossadeq appears to have such popular support, despite the fact that it means the idling of the oil wells and the impoverishment of large numbers of workers and their families at Abadan, as well as crippling the finances of the country. The loss of oil revenue is also a serious matter to Britain at a time when the adverse trade balance is presenting a serious problem.

Divvying Up the Loot: The Iran Oil Consortium Agreement of 1954
Divvying Up the Loot: The Iran Oil Consortium Agreement of 


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