There He Blows
August 22, 1953 — The Daily Press

The Mossadegh Project | October 7, 2021                    

Another biased editorial in The Daily Press newspaper (St. Marys, Pennsylvania) reacting to the coup in Iran. Scroll down to see the lousy cartoon by Jesse Cargill they ran opposite it.

Things Move Fast

To give you an idea of how fast things move in this day and age one need go no further than Iran. Last Sunday the Shah of that country was forced to flee for his life as inflamed followers of Premier Mossadegh started an uprising that led to wild disorder. [How did he start it?]

Then it appeared as if the weepy-eyed Premier was in the driver’s seat as long as he wished to remain there and further fasten his nationalization hold on the land once called Persia.

Today Mossadegh is in prison, facing possible death on charges of treason while the Shah came back to his native land to receive a royal welcome.

These affairs happen in a far-away corner of the globe but have a vital effect on world affairs nevertheless.

Mossadegh two years ago seized the two billion dollar property of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company without one cent of compensation to its rightful owners, and of recent months was leaning toward Soviet Russia to come in and operate the refineries. [How did he lean toward Russia?]

The Iranian Shah, friendly to America, is now back in power which could mean much to the western world, now affected by every wind that blows in the Middle East.

"Head That Wears the Crown" — political cartoon by Jesse Cargill


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