Purely Blackmail
October 9, 1952 — The Daily Press

The Mossadegh Project | September 22, 2021                   

Lead editorial in The Daily Press newspaper (St. Marys, Pennsylvania) on Iran.

Old Squeeze Game

Premier Mossadegh of Iran is working the old squeeze game again with the probable outcome Uncle (Sucker) Sam will meet his latest demand.

In a note to Great Britain he has raised his purely blackmail demand to better than 50 million dollars to even consider reopening of the hot Anglo-Iranian oil dispute.

Already our angular secretary of state Dean Acheson dangled a 10 million dollar offer before his nose without any sign of recognition.

If Great Britain bows to his demand now, the money will come from the United States Treasury as England at the moment is flatter than a flounder from trying to keep a Socialist government alive and nationalizing her industries to the point where she, once one of the greatest coal producing countries in the world, has to import coal from United States.

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