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August 20, 1953 — The Daily Press

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A highly biased and ignorant editorial in The Daily Press newspaper (St. Marys, Pennsylvania) reacting to the coup in Iran.

Mossadegh Out

While it is still too early to appraise the ousting of Premier Mossadegh in Iran, first glances indicate it is a good thing for the western world.

Two years ago Mossadegh seized the proprieties of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Co., valued at two billion dollars and said the wells could be operated by native labor. [sic—properties]

He refused to reimburse the former owners one penny for the seized property or even enter negotiations that would have permitted trained British technicians to remain in the country to teach Iranians the multiple problems of operation. [He literally asked them to stay on the job]

Then he began leaning toward the Trud Party [sic—Tudeh], a symbol of Communism in a land once better known as Persia and riding on their shoulders ousted the Iranian Shah and his entourage Sunday night. [wrong]

Yesterday forces loyal to the Shah took over control of the country, invited their ousted executives to come back home and restore some semblance to good government.

Mossadegh has been approached several times by American interests to start the idle refineries in operation again, but in each instance the offer was turned down cold. [wrong]

Americans were given to feel they were no longer welcome in Iran, and most of them came home and made no attempt to conceal their opinions Mossadegh was off his rocker.

The vast oil resources of Iran have been eyed for years by Russia and in possession of the Soviet Empire could constitute another direct threat to world peace.

For the time being, at least, there is no apparent danger Russia will move in as her No. 1 man, Mr. Mossadegh is on the outside looking in. [He neither sought nor received Russian support]

The Shah is reported friendly to the western world so what happened in far-off Iran Wednesday may benefit the world that is looking for a peaceful solution to its difficulties.

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