Woman Criticizes Mossadegh
Nov. 8, 1952 — St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Letter)

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A letter to the editor to a St. Louis, Missouri newspaper from Grace Rix Gordon (1889-1952) of Massachusetts, who apparently died weeks, if not days, after writing it.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch
November 8, 1952

Middle East Contrasts

To the Editor of the Post-Dispatch:

Mossadegh uses Persia’s oil millions to favor the politicians, the rich. He spends on public works to impress other nations; he feeds the poor with hatred of the United States and Britain. The newspapers of Tehran abuse the United States and Britain, but they do not criticize Russia. Since 1950 the Voice of America has been barred from Tehran; also British broadcasts. Turkey, with no oil funds has been mobilized against Russia since 1939. It has joined NATO; it has sent troops to Korea to resist Soviet aggression; it has improved internal administration and set up rural reforms. Mossadegh and Persia have done none of these things.

Mossadegh says Britain should attend to the awakening of nations. [It’s] Mr. Mossadegh who should awaken.



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