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May 3, 1953 — The Spokesman-Review (Letter)

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A letter to the editor of a Spokane, Washington newspaper critical of U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Republican Party.

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Cynical Review of Questions

Some of us are getting tired of your biased editorials praising the Eisenhower administration. Here are a few facts which will never be read in a Spokesman-Review editorial.

The tidelands oil swindle is in full swing with Ike’s approval. In other words, Mr. Motorist, you will eventually buy from the major oil companies the oil and gasoline you already own.

Prices continue to rise and lifting of controls will accelerate this rise.

“Ez” Benson is busily sabotaging the farmers and price supporters. [Ezra Taft Benson, Secretary of Agriculture]

The Korean war, of course, continues unabated.

“Herbie” Hoover, that profit of prosperity, is beginning the attack on public power which will culminate in the end of rural electrification among other things. [Former President Herbert Hoover of the Hoover Commission]

The country is being run by a coalition of Senator Taft (Mr. Reactionary) and Joe McCarthy (the Big Smear). [Robert Taft and Sen. Joseph McCarthy]

On the positive side? Well, let’s see. Oh yes. Ike’s golf score, I hear, is imposing.

N5514 Lindeke, Spokane.


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