The Ides of March
January 1, 1952 — The Spokesman-Review

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This editorial in a Spokane, Washington newspaper picked up on points made in a speech given by former President Herbert Hoover at a forum broadcast on Boston radio WEEI, "Reducing the Federal Wasteline," on Dec. 29, 1951.

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Over and over again in history nations have gone into disintegration because they lost their sense of honor. Why should we think we shall be an exception?

Herbert Hoover, speaking on a forum program in Boston Saturday, warned his countrymen that unless dishonesty in government is stamped out “to the last official concerned” the United States would decline and fall like the great republics of the past.

It makes little difference who might have made that statement; it is inescapable truth. No argument is needed, just the plain facts of history. Go and read them. See how Egypt and Chaldea and Greece and Rome rose to glory, compromised with sensuality and dishonor, and fell back into dust. It would be folly to assume that we are an exception in the courts of destiny.

Exposes of recent months have shown a shocking number of trusted officials to be without honor. That is a challenge which America cannot ignore.


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