Spirit of Camaraderie
January 16, 1952 — Spokane Daily Chronicle

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U.S. President Harry S. Truman (1884-1972)

This Spokane, Washington newspaper editorial took President Truman to task for remaining loyal to his besieged Secretary of State, Dean C. Acheson, and Attorney General, James Howard McGrath. McGrath resigned on April 7, 1952.

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Loyalty to one’s subordinates is a fine characteristic in a leader, provided the loyalty is founded on solid premises. If it is based merely on stubborn refusal to recognize faults in those who are criticized it is not constructive to say the least.

President Truman has steadfastly refused to remove McGrath and Acheson from his cabinet despite mounting protest over both of them, insisting that he has faith in them and their ability and willingness to perform their duties.

That is a noble spirit of comradery but it is not realistic. The important factor is not Mr. Truman’s confidence in members of his cabinet. It is the faith of the American people. Acheson has lost their faith and McGrath has been roundly berated. The President should consider, above their personal likes and dislikes, whether these two public servants have lost touch with the millions they serve.

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