That Sinking Feeling
October 13, 1976 — Spartan Daily (Letter)

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This anonymous letter follows up on a September 30th anti-Shah demonstration which began at San Jose State University and ended at the Iranian consulate in San Francisco. It has not been fact-checked and is shown here for historical purposes.

U.S. falling in ‘quicksand’ with Shah,
the Iranian Student Association says


In the article “Iranian Students’ march in protest against Shah” (Oct. 1), a few gross mistakes were made by the Spartan Daily.

One of the I.S.A.’s most important slogans during the march. “Iran the future Vietnam. U.S. get out of Iran” was misquoted. [Misinterpreted as: “You robbed the future of Vietnam, U.S. get out of Iran.”] The essence of this slogan brings to the attention of the American people, the ever increasing involvement of the U.S. government in Iran, by running and supporting another dictatorial regime similar to the much-hated Thieu’s of South Vietnam. [President Nguyen Van Thieu]

Presently, the fascist Shah of Iran has been given the role of watchdog by the U.S. government, to protect U.S. monopoly interest and domination in the oil-rich area of the gulf. This has been accomplished by arming the Shah with more than $10.4 billion of U.S. arms and 60,000 “military advisers.”

The recent revolutionary execution of three U.S. agents by the Organization of Mojahedeen of the People of Iran, [MEK] is a clear example of the growing intensity of the Iranian people’s struggle against foreign interference. It is only the beginning of the fate that is awaiting the entire U.S. military, economic, and political involvement in Iran.

These three agents were working on a huge electronics surveillance system as an integral part of an overall program of turning Iran into the espionage base of U.S. imperialism.

Another point that was not clear in the article is the fascist nature of the Shah. There are more than 100,000 political prisoners, many of them under severe torture; massacres of the revolutionaries, striking workers & students in the streets and the notorious SAVAK (secret police) — are only a few examples of the type of fascism being exercised by the Shah.

These atrocities are only dragging the U.S. and its puppet, the Shah, into a quicksand like in Indo-China, and are making the people of Iran more determined in their struggle for freedom and independence.

Name withheld by request


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