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November 9, 1977 — Spartan Daily (Letter)

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When U.S. Navy recruiters came to the campus of San Jose State University, they were met by an angry crowd of about 25 protesters, who were particularly incensed that two of the military members were Iranian women.

The Spartan Daily reported that one demonstrator, identified as “Muhammed Mobarez”, threatened their photographers and said “I’m gonna break your face” if they didn’t stop taking pictures of them. His worry, which was not unfounded, was that the photos would jeopardize the Iranian students’ safety if they were identified by SAVAK.

Mobarez later sent this anti-Shah screed to the paper, published in their “Letters to The Daily” section.

Shah of Iran to visit U.S.


Regarding the Iranian student’s protest against the United States and Iranian military recruiters on the SJSU campus:

The events on Monday, Oct. 17, 1977 must be viewed in light of the present involvement of the U.S. government in Iran and its consequences on Iran’s society.

Today, in Iran, the Iranian people are faced with a regime whose brutal, suppressive and fascist nature is well exposed to the eyes of the world public. The fascist rule of the puppet shah is directly the outcome of U.S. imperialist domination, interference, and control of Iran’s society.

In fact, the shah was brought to power by a CIA engineered coup in 1953, in which the progressive government of Dr. Mossadegh was overthrown. Since that time, US. military and financial aid, arms sales, the establishment of SAVAK (the notorious secret police) etc., have been the main instruments in ensuring the fascist regime’s existence.

More than 36,000 US. military and “civilian” advisers and an “advanced” army and police apparatus built and sold by the U.S. are the supports which the despotic shah and his U.S. monopolist masters use to continue their backbreaking exploitation of the Iranian oppressed masses, as well as their savage plunder of Iran’s vast natural resources.

However, the Iranian people have always resisted the oppression, exploitation, and plunder by the U.S. imperialists and their lacky, the shah. [lackey] In recent years the struggle of our people has reached new heights. An integral part of this struggle is the struggle of the Iranian students abroad.

A current struggle of the Iranian students’ movement is directed against the shah’s upcoming visit to the U.S. The fascist shah will be in the U.S. to give his imperialist masters a visit on Nov. 15, and students across the U.S. will be ready to give him a “grand welcome.” The Union of Iranian Students in the U.S. (UIS-US) is planning to hold demonstrations in some major U.S. cities to protest this visit.

We invite all freedom loving people to voice their opposition and condemn the visit of that fascist butcher, the Shah of Iran .

Mohamed Mobarez
Engineering Senior Union of Iranian Students, San Jose


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