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October 25, 1977 — Spartan Daily (Letter)

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When Navy recruiters visited the campus of San Jose State University in Oct. 1977, they were met with protest by about 25 anti-Shah student activists.

This letter to the editor by one of the Iranian student activists was one of several discussions of the event in SJSU’s student newspaper.

No democracy for Iranians


On Monday, Oct. 16, U.S. Navy recruiters were on this campus. Along with them were two officers of the Shah of Iran’s Navy, “seeking experience in recruitment” for future planning.

The opposition which they met should be a subject of interest to all students on this campus. The Iranian navy, or the whole military apparatus of Iran, is an oppressive tool in the hands of one of the world’s most known tyrants, the Shah of Iran.

This military is used to crush workers’ strikes, student demonstrators and any individual expressing his opposition to the shah’s dictatorship and foreign domination of Iran.

As many may know, there exists no sign of democracy in Iran. Strikes are illegal, right to assembly and free speech, organization, etc. are banned. One party rule is the only legal system and fascism is the only method used by the ruling circles of Iran. [Rastakhiz party]

Since 1971, over 600 patriots have been executed and according to Amnesty International, there are over 100,000 political prisoners in Iran. Along with the hellish economy (an inflation rate of 40 to 50 percent, such conditions have left the Iranian people no other choice but to struggle to overthrow the rule of the shah and drive all imperialists, mainly the United States, from Iran.

Such a condition calls on Iranian patriots outside of Iran to expose the shah and his flunkies running around the world trying to hinder the growing opposition against atrocities committed by the United States-backed regime of Iran.

Monday’s protest was a part of what the Iranian students fight for and it shall happen again if the shah’s agents appear on this or any other campus across the country where ISA has its chapters (over 60 existing chapters in the United States).

Reza Mobarez
Engineering Junior
ISA-U.S., San Jose

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