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November 19, 1974 — Spartan Daily

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An anonymous letter to the editor of the student newspaper of San Jose State University (SJSU) in Northen California.

‘Dictatorial regime’ accused of torture


Once again the dictatorial regime of Iran has launched another campaign of arrest, kidnaps and torture against progressive Iranian writers, intellectuals and religious leaders.

In recent months the Savak (Secret Police of Iran) has kidnapped many revolutionary intellectuals in Iran and subjected them to the most inhuman and intolerable tortures.

It was not long ago that the news of arrest, torture and later coldblooded execution of revolutionary poet, Khosro Goleshorkhy, [Khosrow Golsorkhi] and newsman Daneshian [Keramat Daneshian] shattered the hearts of millions of Iranian and progressive people around the world, and once again the Shah’s dictatorial regime is desperately trying to kill every cry of freedom, resistance and struggle.

Writings of these revolutionary intellectuals have been banned and taken off the shelves of libraries, bookstores and burned.

As the condition of life for Iranian people gets worse, an economical, cultural and political oppression grows, new writers, religious leaders, poets, and artists step forward and carry the banner of resistance and struggle.

The Iranian Student Association in San Jose, a member of world Confederation of Iranian Students, urges all freedom loving people, progressive people, artists and writers in employing their possibilities to spread this in formation.

Name withheld by request
Editor’s note: Names of certain “revolutionary intellectuals” were omitted from this letter to avoid potentially harming those persons.

Iranian, U.S. talk tomorrow

A forum on “Iran, U.S. Foreign Policy in Action,” will be held tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. in the S.U. Ballroom.

Among the speakers will be John Thorne, [1921-2002] a San Jose attorney, who has twice visited Iran to investigate the conditions of political prisoners. [Thorne first arrived in 1971 to meet with student organizers and observe the trial of 37 political prisoners, and returned again in 1979-80. After the revolution he turned his attention to the human rights abuses of the Islamic regime]

The forum is being sponsored by the Associated Students, the Iranian Students Association and the Social Awareness Committee.

Shirley Chisholm Appeals For Human Rights in Iran (1972)
Shirley Chisholm Appeals For Human Rights in Iran (1972)


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