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Oct. 29, 1953 — The Shortsville and Manchester Enterprise

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New York, Thursday, October 29, 1953: “The Only Paper That Cares Anything About Shortsville and Manchester” published this glowing tribute to U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles on their editorial page.

Dulles Rides Hard | The Shortsville and Manchester Enterprise, October 29, 1953

Dulles Rides Hard

U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles SECRETARY OF STATE John Foster Dulles spoke quietly but firmly the other evening at the New York Herald Tribune forum on the state of the world. His theme was not new for Americans. He spoke of the need of consent in government rather than coercion. He argued that the world must find some other way to settle its disputes beside war.

What is interesting about Secretary Dulles is that he is doing much more than just saying these things. Peace speeches are a dime a dozen but it is strikingly unusual in the free world to find men who will act effectively for peace, men who know the direction in which they want to move and will ride hard in that direction.

John Foster Dulles, grandson and nephew of secretaries of state and an international lawyer for 35 years, is bringing broad experience to the state department. But more than this he is bringing a high degree of courage and a thorough understanding of what needs to be accomplished today. Mr. Dulles has proven two main points in his ten months in office: (1) That the forces of freedom can be aggressive and forward-acting, and (2) tyranny and dictators have no monopoly on boldness and firmness.

Mr. Dulles has done many things in ten months. He eased the serious deadlock between the Egyptians and the British at Suez by persuading the British to remove their troops from the vital canal zone. It was a risk but it has turned out surprisingly well and the free world has a friend rather than a foe in Egypt. Mr. Dulles took a long chance in refusing to bolster Mossadegh in Iran. The whole Middle East hung in delicate balance for 24 hours. The Communists were ready to jump. But Dulles and the free world won a major victory. A billion dollar oil investment, so vital to U.S. and British defenses, has been made safe. Iran still has problems but the situation is easier than at any time since World War II. Mr. Dulles has aided the French in developing the most hopeful defense program for Indo-China in years. He committed what same of his critics called a major blunder by boldly supporting Dr. Adenhauer in the West German elections. [sic—German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer] But the Adenhauer forces won an impressive victory and so did free people everywhere.

And now he is moving aggressively in the Trieste hotbed. [Italy] He made Yugoslavia angry by taking Allied troops out of Zone A and making Italy an equal partner in Trieste. The outcome is not fully known yet but indications are mounting that Tito will accept this solution after some grumbling. U.S.-British troops will be relieved of duty and one of Europe’s most troublesome spots will be calmed. It looks like another Dulles triumph.

Secretary Dulles is riding hard. He has taken the initiative from the Communists. He is making freedom ring where previously it was silent and timid. In this powderkeg world, he is keeping our powder dry.

Divvying Up the Loot: The Iran Oil Consortium Agreement of 1954
Divvying Up the Loot: The Iran Oil Consortium Agreement of 


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