A final goodbye
The death of Mossadegh, March 5, 1967

Ebrahim Norouzi, MD
The Mossadegh Project | March 5, 2012                     

It was in the dawn of March 5, 1967 that the life of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh came to its end due to cancer. The same morning, Shirin Samii, who was married to Mossadegh’s grandson, went to the hospital room where Mossadegh’s body lay. In her book Dar Khalvat-e-Mossadegh, she described her final goodbye to the man she had grown so close to during his last years in Ahmadabad. . . .


“I went inside the room and the nurse closed the door behind me. Now it was only he and I...

I began feeling the full weight of the deafening silence that existed between us... I knew that this was going to be our last meeting together but did not know what to do.

The body was on the bed in the corner of the room, entirely covered by a white sheet. I stood motionless near his body and stared silently. I then got the nerve and started to remove the sheet from his face...I watched him intensely and thought that I shall remember these moments for rest of my life...minutes passed that I came to myself noticing that my tears are flowing...

At that moment, near his lifeless body, I envisioned the coming disintegration of the country that he was leaving behind.

I don’t know how long I had been there before I recuperated and moved the sheet back over his face. On the way out, I thanked the nurse for giving me those moments to say goodbye.”

• Translation by Ebrahim Norouzi, MD. © 2012 The Mossadegh Project

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