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December 30, 1953 — The San Mateo Times

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This newspaper in San Mateo, California published a typical reaction to the sentence handed former Prime Minister Mossadegh in military court. The three year prison sentence was to be followed by lifetime house arrest.

Jail for Mossadegh

As treason verdicts go, Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh, former premier of Iran, got off lightly with three years of solitary confinement for his attempted rebellion against Shah Riza Pahlevi. [Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. The Shah started the rebellion, not Mossadegh]

Though the prosecution had asked for life imprisonment or the death penalty, the shah himself intervened to the court, in a letter which lauded “the services rendered by Dr. Mossadegh during his first year as premier in connection with the nationalization of the oil industry, which is desired by the whole nation and is confirmed and supported by the monarchy itself.”

Thus the shah attempted to head off those extremists who might use a harsh sentence against the aged and Anglophobic Mossadegh as a pretext for violence against the new Zahedi regime which has resumed diplomatic relations with London. [Gen. Fazlollah Zahedi]

SENTENCED TO HANG: Mossadegh’s Media-Contrived Death Verdict
SENTENCED TO HANG: Mossadegh’s Contrived Death Verdict


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