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August 12, 1953 — The San Francisco Examiner

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A week before Premier Mossadegh was overthrown in a coup instigated by America and Britain, The San Francisco Examiner published this as their lead editorial.

The Bully’s Role

TWO years ago British interests got into a dispute with the little Kingdom of Iran over a very profitable oil lease. The poverty stricken Iranians requested a revision similar to a revision worked out in Saudi Arabia. Iran and Great Britain refused to yield to each other.

Secretary of State Acheson stepped into the breach. [Dean Acheson] Apparently he only succeeded in making matters worse.

Ten days ago our Government announced we would not help Iran until it settled its oil dispute with Great Britain.

Eight months ago General Naguib chased King Farouk out of Egypt, and kicked out of power the corrupt politicians. [Mohammed Naguib ousted Farouk in July 1952]

He reached an accord with the British in the dispute over occupation of the Egyptian Sudan, and, expressing the unanimous sentiment of his people, requested the British to withdraw their troops from Egyptian territory surrounding the Suez Canal.

The British refused.

As usual, we attempted to intervene and angry Nationalists booed Americans in Cairo. General Naguib, who admires the United States, requested we mind our own business and avoid unfriendly feeling.

Now we have the announcement, following the visit of the Marquess of Salisbury in Washington, that Secretary Dulles intends to offer to mediate between the Egyptians and British. [John Foster Dulles]

And so it goes.

It would appear, at least superficially, that whenever the British have a dispute with some small nation they arrange for the United States to step in to coerce the little fellow. Of course, it is always in the cause of peace.

The American people will not tolerate the bullying of small nations for our own advantage, and the President should make clear we do not intend to do bullying chores for others. [Dwight D. Eisenhower]

Syngman Rhee of Korea, Mossadegh of Iran, and Naguib of Egypt are fighting for the political and economic independence of their respective nations.

Why should the United States club them into submission?

“If I sit silently, I have sinned”: A guiding principle
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