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May 20, 1951 — The Salt Lake Tribune (Letter)

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This letter appeared in “The Public Forum” of The Salt Lake Tribune newspaper.

Americans Inconsistent

Editor, Tribune:

It seems to me as though the American people are rather inconsistent in thought and action. We profess to believe in race equality and yet deny the Negro many privileges. We refuse them the use of our hotels and force them to stay in private homes. We allow them to serve us, but we won’t eat where they do.

A short time back I went to a lecture given by Ralph J. Bunche [UN diplomat, first black Nobel laureate] and there saw a mixed audience. I wonder what the condition would have been if it were someone else who gave the lecture.

Many people of Negro heritage have risen far above many of us who profess to be of higher intelligence. Some are outstanding in entertainment, some have achieved great success in education, some are the best in the field of sports, and as demonstrated by Dr. Bunche some are great diplomats.

George H. Park



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