Tyrants on Trial
December 13, 1979 — Roswell Daily Record (letter)

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This reader letter ran in the “viewpoints/opinions” section of The Roswell Daily Record newspaper in Roswell, New Mexico.

The Roswell Daily Record
December 13, 1979

Rulers should face trial


Sometimes one must look for the hidden dollar to understand an event such as the take over of the U.S. Embassy in Iran. The U.S. cannot, of course, submit to blackmail to release the hostages, it would be an open invitation to terrorists elsewhere in the world to attempt a similar act of lawlessness to obtain their ends. On the other hand the Iranians probably have a point when they say the shah is a common criminal.

President Carter removed one means of coercion available to the Iranians when he prohibited the import of Iranian oil. The question now is how many millions of the shah’s wealth are invested in this country? Is that why there is a reluctance to concur with the Iranians when they say the shah stole millions of dollars and murdered thousands of Iranians during his reign?

Perhaps it is now time to depart from tradition and put these “rulers” on trial in an international tribunal when there is evidence of misconduct in office, (including the Ayatollah Khomeini, incidentally). Idi Amin should be put on trial, for example. [Ugandan dictator] The trial of War Criminals after World War II was a departure from tradition, and a step in the right direction. [Nuremberg Trials] Now let’s keep the rulers honest.

In the meantime, call the terrorist’s bluff and move the shah to Egypt or Mexico. He can afford to have the necessary medical attention brought to him.


John Leigh
75 Fitzgerald Place

The Shah / U.S. "Human Rights" Paradox Decoded by Satirist Henry Gay (1977)
The Shah / U.S. “Human Rights” Paradox Decoded Through Satire (1977)

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