95% Dubious
October 10, 1951 — The Reno Evening Gazette

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U.S. President Harry S. Truman (1884-1972)

An editorial on President Truman in The Reno Evening Gazette newspaper of Reno, Nevada.

Harry Truman editorial archive

Implausible Reasons

IN LAME defense of his outrageous censorship order, President Truman said it was necessary because a survey showed that 95 per cent of the nation’s secret information had been published by newspapers and slick magazines.

Even when it was pointed out that this information came from government sources and responsible officials, the president said publishers have a responsibility to not print it.

But there is no indication that Mr. Truman has reprimanded or punished any officials who blurted out the secrets. And why did he wait until 95 per cent of this forbidden information had been made public before he acted?

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