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    Rageh Omaar, BBC Program: Rageh Inside Iran 

BBC: Rageh Inside Iran

"Rageh Inside Iran", a 90 minute British documentary, first aired on BBC Four on February 15, 2007. Rageh Omaar, a Somalian, British educated, African-based journalist and author, set out to produce a program focusing on the people of Iran - their lives, opinions and daily challenges. Watch it:


Rageh Omaar begins his journey in the heart of Tehran, home to over 12 million people. As he walks aside Valiasr Street, one of the world's longest roads, Omaar explains its curious history, symbolizing the political extremes Iran has undergone over the past century: 

What's in a name? Well, in this city, everything. Take Valiasr Street, for example. It's been through several name changes. It began as Pahlavi Street, after the royal dynasty which ruled Iran during the 20th century. When they were overthrown, it was renamed to Mossadegh Street, after the secular, democratically elected Prime Minister who was overthrown in a CIA backed coup. Years after the Islamic Revolution, it's name was changed again, to Valiasr Street, which means "the image of the Imam", after the 12th or hidden Imam, revered by Shiia Muslims. So there you have it. Three name changes that cover the different transitions this city has been through in the 20th century- the royal, the secular, and the religious.


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