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May 17, 1951 — The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (letter)

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This letter to the editor ran in the Post-Gazette’s section “The People Speak — A Department of Letters in Which Readers Express Their Views”.

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Sees ‘Suppression’

Editor, the Post-Gazette:
The White House is being renovated from the bottom up, and will soon be ready for occupancy. The American people want in that White House an administration as sound, solid, and morally free of contamination as the structure itself.

Here, in America, we believe in the freedoms of speech and press, and rightly denounce the Peron government of Argentina for silencing its last serious opposition by seizing “La Prensa.” [Argentine President Juan Perón]

And yet, we permit the same thing, under a different guise, to occur here.

The Truman Administration has always been touchy about its foreign policies and, like Peron, has succeeded in suppressing any opposition that has arisen. But, also like Peron, he [President Truman] has not always been right.

Had the Wedemeyer report been given the consideration it deserved, there would be no Korea. Instead, Wedemeyer was silenced and American lives are paying for the deliberate “mistake.” [After requesting a probe of the situation in China and Korea in 1947, Truman suppressed the findings of Gen. Albert Coady Wedemeyer, noted military strategist and WWII commander]

In America, we say “innocent until proven guilty.” But the administration has no real “guilt” to charge MacArthur with. [In a highly controversial move, Truman fired Gen. Douglas MacArthur in April 1951] So Truman, because of public protest, finds a case on his hands which will not be “gagged.” To fight the opposition Truman prepared for a smear campaign and as usual, whitewash guaranteed to cover all services for himself.

Truman asked us to be calm and indifferent to the situation for the sake of “unity.” America no longer wants the kind of unity which comes from suppressing the opposition.


Salina, Pa.

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