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Dec. 8, 1980 — The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (letter)

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Was this Pennsylvania woman lamenting — or defending — U.S. intervention in Iran in her candid letter to the editor? Guess correctly and win a stuffed animal...

Can’t keep out

When it comes to the demand that the U.S. keep out of Iranian internal affairs, I do not think we will honestly be able to say we will do so. There are many interests the U.S. has in Iran which won’t let us keep to ourselves.

Past record shows our involvement in Iran. In the early 1950s, Mohammad Mossadegh was in control of Iran. With the aid of the CIA he was removed from power and the Shah reinstated. We supported the Shah, gave him economic aid, and even helped to establish Savak, the dreaded secret police. We did all this for our own purposes. We needed the friendship of Iran. Not only was Iran able to supply oil, vital to U.S. economy, but it offered a place for the observation of Soviet space programs, [true] boosted our own economy through the sales of technology and weaponry, and opened the door to one of the most strategic areas of the world.

Because the Shah’s regime was overthrown doesn’t mean we will abandon these interests. We can’t afford to keep out of Iran’s affairs, she has too much to offer us, and to say we will do so would be quite a misleading statement.



Shah Of Iran Spells Good News For United States (1967)
Shah Of Iran Spells Good News For U.S. | Holmes Alexander (Oct. 1967)


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