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May 19, 1951 — The Pittsburgh Courier (letter)

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U.S. President Harry S. Truman (1884-1972)

A letter to the editor of African-American newspaper The Courier, from their “What the People Think” section.

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Truman’s Korea Policy Is Most ‘Insane Thing’

To the Editor:

I see from your Courier, dated May 5, 1951, that Dr. Bunche [Ralph Bunche] concurs with President Truman and Dean Acheson in that it is all right to have our boys killed in Korea, but they must not attack the enemy at his base of supplies in Manchuria. War is war, and it has always been the way in war to attack the enemy, any place and at any time possible. I think that it is the most insane thing that ever took place in the human mind, the idea of the U.S. and the U.N. to allow our boys to be shot at and killed by the thousands and not allowed to attack . . . to really attack that enemy.

I have a boy in Korea, and I feel just as the woman who Fulton Lewis Jr. wrote about in his column of April 26.

The U.N. says you can’t fight China, so somebody should have the good sense to bring our boys home.

PRINCE A. SMITH, Cincinnati, Ohio

Impeach Truman | Chicago Tribune’s front page editorial (1951)
Impeach Truman | Chicago Tribune editorial (April 12, 1951)

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