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September 15, 1953 — The Philadelphia Inquirer

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“I have only been able to preserve my physical powers with strong food. I must eat three roast chickens every day. I must eat a robust soup, a cutlet and a good dessert.”
— Mossadegh, as quoted by the Associated Press

Even such respected institutions as The Philadelphia Inquirer showed a remarkable willingness to indulge in jocularity in their pages. Here is one example, in the run-up to Mohammad Mossadegh’s military trial nearly a month after the 1953 coup in Iran.

Three Chickens a Day

Although a court-martial has been ordered for him and some of his associates, Iran’s ex-Premier Mossadegh faces what appears to be an uncertain future with an astonishing appetite.

Aside from an appeal to the Shah not to give him a rough time for his political sins, [completely made up] the aged prisoner of state seems to be principally interested in food—“full and plenty.”

Complaining of previous fare he demanded three chickens a day, a hearty soup, a cutlet and some other fixings, to keep up his strength. According to best available information he’s getting the whole setup. A man who can eat like that may or may not have a good conscience.

But Mossadegh surely has capacity—for fowl. In the long run the Shah may decide to go easy on the old ex-Premier, after all. Iran’s ruler might decide to cut him down to only one chicken a day.

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ORIGINAL SIN: The 1953 Coup in Iran Clarified | by Arash Norouzi
ORIGINAL SIN: The 1953 Coup in Iran Clarified | by Arash Norouzi


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