Down and Out

August 25, 1953 — The Progress-Index

The Mossadegh Project | July 26, 2014                    

The 1953 coup in Iran

The Progress-Index newspaper of Petersburg, Virginia was pleased with the news of Premier Mohammad Mossadegh’s demise.

Basis For A Bargain

Speculation over the possibility that the United States will extend aid to Iran now that the Shah is in control and now that the fabulous Mossadegh is down and out, is natural, just as the idea itself is reasonable.

The ingredients of a good deal should be present. Iran has rich reserves of oil and is low on cash. The United States has capital and what is summarized as know-how.

Although the new government is nationalistic and has to reckon with nationalistic sentiments at the grass roots, the United States and its allies are more interested in keeping Iran’s oil out of the Russian pipeline than in getting it for themselves.

Thus the factors involved are fairly well balanced. Certainly they are better balanced than is often the case. We should be able to satisfy ourselves concerning the stability of the new regime and then proceed to do business on a mutually advantageous basis, rather than launch a giveaway program in sheer delight over the change.


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