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October 4, 1951 — The Ogdensburg Journal

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The Ogdensburg Journal in New York published this editorial in anticipation of Dr. Mossadegh’s United Nations appearance.

Now To Begin Again

As the explosive Iranian oil issue comes directly into the Council of the United Nations, the main hope of a peaceful solution lies in a fresh start for all concerned—which means virtually the world.

The British and Iranian governments have merely succeeded in tying the knot tighter after many weeks of argument. Now the neutral powers represented in the Security Council have a chance to begin from the ground up and explore every possibility of a new approach.

On the eve of the discussions Iran’s Premier Mossadegh did not help much by his bitter charge over the radio that “rulers of the world handcuff the weak and hasten to the assistance of the strong.”

Aside from the obvious fact that the “rulers” of the world, as represented in the United Nations, are using every means to bring about a peaceful settlement, the Mossadegh statement tries to give the impression that all the right in this case is on the side of the little nation, all the wrong on the side of the greater nation.

He fails to mention that Iran first broke the 60-year contract giving Britain the right to operate the Iranian oil fields, then refused to accept the ruling of the International Court of Justice that the British be permitted to continue operation pending outcome of the dispute.

Little nations, Prime Minister Mossadegh should be reminded, have obligations under international law as well as large ones.

All this is over the dam now. The business of the UN is to begin all over again and try to work out a compromise that will keep possible sparks safely away from the terribly inflammable Orient. Russia, with her veto power already made evident in the preliminary discussions, will not make the task any easier. But the Western nations too must face the fact of an aroused nationalistic spirit in the East and determination of small nations to manage their own affairs, contracts or no contracts.


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