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Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh Servant Leaders Hall

Naming Campaign at Northeastern Illinois University

The Mossadegh Project | May 22, 2012                   

بزرگان ایران‌زمین؛ محمد مصدق There is an ongoing campaign to name a permanent student hall at Chicago's Northeastern Illinois University — Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh Servant Leaders Hall — in honor of the Iranian leader's legacy of public service. This, in addition to a scholarship program in Mossadegh's name, and other relevant events and lectures are proposed at the college, which has around 12,000 students enrolled.

The campaign's director, NEIU Professor Hamid Akbari, has been active in promoting the Mossadegh cause for many years, particularly in the Chicago area. These activities include a 2001 speaker conference (and subsequent book culled from its presentations), and the accomplishment of an official "Mossadegh Day" proclaimed by the Mayor of Chicago.

The fundraising goal is $250,000, much of which is being attained through the organization of gala events held around the U.S. Those who wish to contribute can reach Dr. Akbari at or (773) 442-6126, and the campaign web site at NEIU.

The following video reports from BBC Persian and Voice of America cover their November 2012 event at DC's National Press Club, where Dr. Mossadegh addressed a packed room of American newsmen 61 years prior.

مراسم بزرگداشت مصدق در پایتخت آمریکا

BBC Persian report — November 11, 2012

مراسم بزرگداشت دکتر مصدق در باشگاه ملی خبرنگاران واشنگتن

VOA Persian report by Ahmad Batebi — November 11, 2012

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