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June 2, 1972 — Mustang Daily (Cal Poly Student Letter)

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President Richard M. Nixon (1913-1994)

In 1972, President Richard M. Nixon paid a visit to Iran.

The following letter voiced concerns over the ramifications of Nixon’s trip and support for the Shah’s military dictatorship. It was published in the student newspaper of California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo (aka Cal Poly SLO) on Friday, June 2, 1972.

Iran visit is ‘bad omen’

While the world and the American people are looking for peace in southeast Asia, U.S. is planting the seeds of another Vietnam in the Middle East. On May 30, President Nixon went to Iran following his visit to Russia. The aim of this visit was to further the dissemination of “Nixon Doctrine” in Iran, the purpose of which is to further the transformation of Iran into a US military base in order to crush the liberation movements in Iran and other areas.

It was not the president’s first visit to Iran. As vice-president in 1953 Nixon visited Iran to see the results of the bloody CIA coup which overthrew the popular nationalist government of Dr. Mossadegh. To curb demonstrations which were brewing all over Iran in opposition to Nixon’s visit, the Shah’s paratroopers attacked the University of Tehran and brutally murdered three students.

The western monopoly oil companies will have to support their puppet regimes, like the one in Iran, in order to further their plundering of the wealth of these countries. To give an example, crude oil sells at 12 to 14 American dollars in the international market but oil producing countries get only one dollar for that.

During the past three months, over 23 Iranian intellectuals have been executed by the firing squads, because of their political beliefs and opposition to the dictatorial regime of the Shah. Another 12 patriots have recently been sentenced to death by secret military tribunal and may be executed at any time.

Although we fully support the closer friendship between two nations’ people, but we warn that Nixon’s first visit to Iran is for further militarization of the middle east on behalf of the western monopolies.

Iranian Students Association

Radio Icon Paul Harvey *Really* Disliked This Foreign Leader
Radio Broadcaster Paul Harvey *Really* Disliked This Foreign Leader


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