Good Tears, Bad Tears
August 22, 1953 — The Miami Daily News

The Mossadegh Project | January 22, 2014                    

This mini-editorial ran in The Miami Daily News on Saturday evening, August 22, 1953. The oldest newspaper in Miami, Florida, it was founded in 1896. The front page headline that day was "Shah In Tears At Greeting On Return To Tehran—Mossadegh Faces Charge of Treason, Ruler Hints".

Familiar Fix

Deposed Premier Mossadegh of Iran is reported to be “deeply depressed” following his surrender to the forces of the Shah in Tehran.

Iranians should know how he feels. Somewhat like the condition of the economy of Iran after Mossadegh had his way with it.

Truman and Mossadegh’s First Messages on Iran Oil Dispute (1951)
President Truman and Premier Mossadegh's First Messages on Iran Oil Dispute (1951)


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