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August 9, 1956 — The Meade County Messenger

The Mossadegh Project | May 17, 2018                       

Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser (1918-1970)

An error-filled editorial about Nasser in The Meade County Messenger in Brandenburg, Kentucky.

Let’s Hope the Age of Reason is Here

Recently the world has witnessed another act of dictatorial usurpation in the seizure of the Suez Canal by the Egyptian Premier. [Gamal Abdel Nasser, President of Egypt] Without regard to previous agreements this world waterway and vital route of commerce has been taken over as regrads [sic] its operation and use are concerned. Apparently the canal is operating as operating as before but with an unreliable dictator in charge it is difficult to predict his next whim. The meeting of world powers and the action of Queen Elizabeth II in declaring a state of great emergency because of the incident indicates the graveness of the situation.

Mussilini [sic—Mussolini] marched into Ethiopia without cause other than a dictatorial complex. Hitler took over Czechoslovakia because it pleased his fancy and because of its importance in his plans for world conquest. Mossadegh, former Premier of Iran took over the British oil installations a few years ago without due processes. Mussolini and Hitler were brought into line after a bloody world war and their own destruction. Mossadegh was eventually tried as a traitor because of the serious economic disaster his action had brought upon the country.

In the past dictatorial action has eventually been punished either by power indignation that led to war as with the twin dictators of World War II or by economic crisis as with Premier Mossadegh of Iran. Military action against Egypt would be only a minor engagement if it could be so confined. Secretary Dulles [John Foster Dulles] for the United States has indicated that the settlement of the matter should be based on reason, backed up by world opinion. This is a policy that we should all approve because force is destructive to all parties concerned. We can only hope that the age of reason is here.


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