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March 27, 1951 — The Marshall News Messenger

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Lead editorial in The Marshall News Messenger newspaper of Marshall, Texas.

British Chickens Come Home At an Embarrassing Moment

The British government, which owns 52 per cent of the wealthy Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, has protested to Iran that nationalization of the oil company, largest in the Middle East, is illegal.

That sounds “strange, very strange,” particularly as it comes from a Labor government which, during five brief years, has managed to “nationalize” 12 of the country’s major industries.

Not only that, the British refer to the Iranian action as being a grab. What was theirs? Apparently, they forget that, when their industry were taken over, it was the government which fixed the remuneration due the previous owners.

It is true that any nationalization of oil lands by Iran will put them closer to utilization by Soviet Russia. It may be true that the loss of the vast Iranian oil production may be a setback to Western allies.

The United States thus far has not interfered in the matter. And, in view of what has happened in their own homeland, the attitude of the British is incongruous, to say the least.

It could be a very practical application of “one’s chickens coming home to roost.”

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