A Profile of Ms. Malek Diba
May 5, 1954 — United Press International

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Paul Colin poster Here’s a rare profile of a relative of Dr. Mossadegh who pursued an art career, studying at L’Ecole Paul Colin under the famed French poster artist Paul Colin (1892-1985).

An extremely prolific, influential artist, Colin was best known for his Art Deco style theatre and advertising posters, and his relationship with iconic performer Josephine Baker, who was his friend, lover and muse.

We have no further information, however, on what ever became of Malek Diba and her budding artistic ambitions...

Mossadegh’s Niece to Seek Fame for Family as Artist (UPI, May 5, 1954)

Mossadegh’s Niece to Seek
Fame for Family as Artist

PARIS, May 5 (UP)—The pretty niece of former Iranian premier Mohammed Mossadegh and a descendant of dethroned royalty made plans today to rehabilitate her unlucky family by winning world fame as a poster artist.

Browneyed Malek Diba, 20, is the daughter of a wealthy Iranian industrialist who is the grandson of Sultan Ahmed Shah, deposed in 1925 by the founder of the reigning Iranian dynasty, Riza Khan Pahlavi. [Reza Shah]

Sultan Ahmed Shah was the last of the Quajar dynasty [Qajar] which reigned over what was then called Persia from 1794 to 1925.

Miss Diba’s father is also the weeping Mossadegh’s half-brother.

Malek is now in her second year as a student at the well-known Paris school of Paul Colin, France’s ablest poster artist and commercial designer.

“If everything goes well I should, within the next two years, make a reasonable living with my posters. But I might have to switch to fashion designing because, for a woman, it is extremely difficult to succeed in the advertising poster field,” she said in an interview at her plush apartment.

Miss Diba has more than one string to her bow. She simultaneously studies literature, archeology and sketching.

“I find my source of inspiration both in my literature and archeology studies. Many of the works of artists more than 3,000 years old are as good as anything being done now,” she said.

Iranian Transgender Teen: Farideh > Farhad Najafi (1953)
Iranian Transgender Teen: Farideh > Farhad Najafi (1953)

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