Mossadegh Denial: an I.R.I. tradition
Ahmadinejad's 29 Esfand Revisionism Contradicted by Facts, Logic

Arash Norouzi
The Mossadegh Project
| May 10, 2012    

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad On the 61st anniversary of Iran's nationalization of the oil industry, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad observed the occasion in a statement from the President's office — with a revisionist spin. Painting nationalization as a demonstration of “unity in the Islamic society”, he credited the religious establishment, especially Ayatollah Kashani, with the victory.

“Without doubt the Oil Industry Nationalization is one of the pivotal moments in the history of struggles of the Iranian nation, [accomplished] with the support of responsive clerics, particularly Ayatollah Kashani...” - Ahmadinejad, March 20th, 2012

World famous for his denial of reality past and present, Ahmadinejad made no mention of the government responsible for the deed – that of Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh, a name as synonymous with nationalization as Catholicism is with the Pope.

Ayatollah Kashani The irony is, trumpeting the 1951 nationalization drive as a symbol of national pride and sovereignty while praising some of the treasonous individuals who betrayed the cause makes no logical sense. In truth, Kashani and his ilk actually helped contravene Iranian independence and usher in the Shah's pro-Western, autocratic regime. The high ranking cleric initially supported the takeover of the refinery, but later turned against Mossadegh when his demands for greater power were refused. The 1953 coup against Mossadegh, which Kashani cooperated with, reversed the achievements of the nationalist government, including, most notably, the repossession of the oil fields by the British and a consortium of Western oil companies.

Ahmadinejad's narrow version of events differ — largely if not entirely — with that of his own regime's media, such as a March 19th report by the state run Islamic Republic News Agency. “With the support of religious factions led by Ayatollah Abu al-Qasim Kashani”, said IRNA, “Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh nationalized the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company March 15, 1951." [The correct date, however, is March 20, 1951].

The I.R.I.'s English language news channel, Press TV, stated in a March 2012 report that nationalization was "introduced in a bill to the parliament by Iran's democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh, with the support of his nationalist party and religious groups led by prominent cleric Ayatollah Kashani."

Many of their prior reports have cited Mossadegh alone:

May 2009: "...Mosaddeq, whose efforts led to the nationalization of the country's oil industry."
August 2011: "[Mossadegh's] first accomplishment was the enforcement of the Oil Nationalization Bill..."
November 2011: "The nationalization of Iranian oil by its democratically elected Prime Minister was a severe blow to Britain."
December 2011: "...[Mossadegh], who led the campaign for the nationalization of oil industry."
January 2012: "...the Iranian nation's desire, led by Mosaddeq, to reclaim their oil industry and nationalize it."

The regime's propaganda has certainly wavered over the years. In August 2006, IRNA referred to Dr. Mossadegh as the “architect of nationalizing Iranian oil industry”. On the 57th anniversary of 29 Esfand in March 2008, IRNA not only credited Mossadegh with nationalization, but celebrated his legacy with a thorough biography. Kashani was not even mentioned •

Ahmadinejad's Statement on 29 Esfand, March 20, 2012:

پيام دفتر رييس جمهور به مناسبت سالروز ملي شدن صنعت نفت
دفتر رييس‌جمهور در پيامي ضمن گراميداشت 29 اسفند، سالروز ملي شدن صنعت نفت اظهار اميدواري كرد با همت تلاشگران عرصه صنعت نفت بيش ا پيش شاهد ناكامي معدلات غلط سياسي و اقتصادي دشمنان در اين حوزه مهم و تأثيرگذار اقتصادي باشيم.

متن پيام دفتر رييس جمهوري اسلامي ايران به شرح ذيل است:

29 اسفند، سالروز ملي شدن صنعت نفت و نفي استعمار خارجي براي همه ايرانيان رخدادي فراموش نشدني و خاطره برانگيز است. در اين مقطع تاريخي خطير كه ياد آن همواره گرامي و خجسته است، استعمار پير انگليس و تمامي ايادي داخلي و خارجي‌اش در مقابل ملت غيور ايران به ستوده آمده و براي ادامه توطئه‌ها و دسيسه‌هاي سودپرستانه خود به تيرگي‌هاي تاريخ پناه بردند.

بي‌ترديد ملي شدن صنعت نفت يكي از نقاط عطف تاريخ مبارزاتي ملت ايران با پشتيباني روحانيت آگاه به ويژه آيت‌الله كاشاني، براي كسب حقوق خود و قطع دست بيگانگان از منابع كشور بود كه الهام‌بخش جريان‌ها و گروه‌هاي آزادي‌خواه و ضداستعماري فراواني گرديد.

مهمترين دستاورد، اين جريان، احقاق مهم‌ترين حقوق مردم و اعاده مالكيت به كشور است.

حقوقي كه در طي ساليان متمادي توسط بيگانگان پايمال و به تاراج رفته بود اين اقدام نشان داد؛ چنانچه وحدت در جامعه اسلامي تحقق پيدا كند؛ مي‌تواند نيرويي به وجود آورد؛ كه اركان استعمار و استبداد را متزلزل نموده و مقدمات فرو ريختن آن را فراهم سازد.

اين روز كه نمادي از غرور ملي ايرانيان در دفاع و حراست از كيان اين مرز و بوم تلقي مي‌شود، مشعل فروزاني است كه بر پهنه ايران بزرگ پرتو افكنده تا مسير آزادي و استقلال همواره در مقابل ديدگان ما باشد.

اينك با گرامي داشت اين واقعه بزرگ تاريخي و قدرشناسي از همه تلاشگران عرصه صنعت نفت؛ اميد است با همت والاي اين عزيزان، بيش از پيش شاهد ناكامي معادلات غلط سياسي و اقتصادي دشمنان در اين حوزه مهم و تأثيرگذار اقتصادي باشيم.

دفتر رييس‌جمهوري اسلامي ايران

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