Russian Roulette

April 14, 1953 — Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

The Mossadegh Project | July 24, 2012                        

An editorial on Iran and oil in The Lockport Union-Sun & Journal newspaper, serving Lockport, New York and eastern Niagara county.

Iranian Oil Important

Some of the country’s leading oil men reported the other day that “we no longer miss Iran.” If we aren’t careful, we’ll miss it altogether!

They were speaking of the fact that production in other parts of the world has been increased and that the oil formerly furnished from Iran has been made up.

But conditions are not good in the country once known as Persia. The premier, Mossadegh, is now working might and main to take all power by stripping the Shah of all authority and lodging it in him. It means another dictator in a world with too many of them now.

We also know that when Russia is speaking softly in one part of the world, as it is today in the Far East, that it may be working secretly and quietly to take over another by a sudden coup. The other may be Iran.

British and American statesmen have not been too wise or effective in their dealings with Mossadegh and we are likely to pay for it. We may wake up some fine morning to find the oil riches of Iran pointed in the direction of Russia.

There is no doubt that Russia wants them. Possession of Iran’s oil riches would mean that the Communist empire would be in control of about half of the world’s production, contrasted to less than 20 per cent now available to it.


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