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February 2, 1954 — The Leader-Republican

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An editorial on the Iran oil consortium in a Fulton County newspaper serving Gloversville and Johnstown, New York.

Iran Oil Consortium | Archive (1953-1954)

Iran Back in Business

Three years of economic strife and political upheavals have come to an end with Iran about to again become a factor in the world’s oil business and her people to go back to work. It all comes through agreement between Iran, the United States and Britain to resume distribution of Iran’s oil with financial benefit to all concerned.

Old Premier Mossadegh, now languishing in prison, started it all when he threw British oil companies out of the country and decided to run the oil fields himself. The decree acted in reverse for Old Mossy was forced, in the end, to close down the wells and Iran lost huge revenue, her people became so restless and dissatisfied they tossed him into prison and took themselves a new ruler. [How presumptuous]

Returning life to Iran’s immense oil business has been difficult but now the three powers have arranged a plan. The United States is to distribute 50 per cent of the oil, Britain 45 per cent and Iran 5 per cent. The gainers are America and Iran, the loser Britain because under the old plan she distributed 60 per cent and the U.S. 40 per cent. [This account is full of inaccuracies]

Britain is not happy over the shift in trade revenue, but while there may be reactions in Parliament, it seems at this time she must go along, for part of a pie is better than none. The gain for Iran is the important thing, for now her people will be able to return to work, money will be coming back into government coffers and suffering and financial woes of the country will be alleviated.

The world is benefited too, for after all Red Russia was not able to get her hands on Iranian oil.

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Divvying Up the Loot: The Iran Oil Consortium Agreement of 1954
Divvying Up the Loot: The Iran Oil Consortium Agreement of 1954

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