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December 29, 1951 — Lawrence Daily Journal-World

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The Lawrence Daily Journal-World newspaper of Lawrence, Kansas published this short editorial near the end of 1951.

More Oil in Middle East

A new oil strike in Kuwait, a sheikdom on the Persian Gulf, arouses speculation because of the possibility that it may provide an answer for Britain’s oil troubles in the Middle East. In that area the British have no trouble with the government and the new field promises a huge supply of oil.

In proportion as this is good news for the Anglo-Iranian oil company [AIOC] and other interested parties, it may be bad news for the government of Iran, which seized an oil industry and hasn’t been able to do much with it. Probably the ruler of Kuwait [Sheik Abdullah Al-Salim Al-Sabah] has been keenly observant of all that has happened. Foreign oil interests can keep him rich if he just allows them a free hand in working the fields.

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