throwing good money after bad
November 15, 1951 — Lawrence Daily Journal-World

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An editorial in The Lawrence Daily Journal-World newspaper in Kansas on Nov. 15, 1951.

Aid for the Near East

The announcement that President Truman has initiated a program of economical and technical assistance in the Near East leaves undecided the question of whether Premier Mossadegh of Iran got just what he wanted on his visit to the United States. He is reported to have approached the President for a loan to Iran.

To a lot of Americans it seems that Iran as former beneficiary of the great oil industry and now owner of that industry by seizure should be as well-heeled as most governments. But an immense slump in production and consequent dividends has taken place in Iran. [Don’t forget the British economic sanctions and oil blockade] For the privilege of having its way the Iranian government would now become a borrower.

Some of our foreign aid programs have the appearance of throwing good money after bad.

Truman and Mossadegh’s First Messages on Iran Oil Dispute (1951)
President Truman and Premier Mossadegh's First Messages on Iran Oil Dispute (1951)


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