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Last Week Tonight | John Oliver | Iran Nuclear Deal

Arash Norouzi
The Mossadegh Project | April 24, 2018                      

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver | The Iran Nuclear Deal

For those that like their news and political analysis crammed with distracting comedic diatribes (or vice versa), Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is must-see TV.

The latest episode delves into President Trump’s threats to kill the controversial Iran nuclear deal upon its May 12th recertification deadline — and the potential “long-term and potentially irreversible” ramifications for world peace.

Also featured is a brief look at the new extremist U.S. National Security Adviser, John Bolton, the joyless chickenhawk with the dirty pushbroom mustache and matching personality disorder, whose accuracy rate in predicting foreign policy trends hovers right around . . . zero. Though even Trump found the goofy face fur disqualifying, Bolton’s gratuitous cruelty ultimately tipped the scales.

As usual, there are some questionable editorial choices (its working assumption is that the JCPOA functions as the effective finger in the dike of Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons ambitions), but whatever. Watch the full segment below:

Comedian John Oliver: save the Iran Deal (April 22, 2018, 22 minutes).

John Bolton: Let’s Bomb Iran and North Korea
John Bolton, Donald Trump's National Security Adviser, Wants Regime Change In Iran


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