The Ties That Bind
July 29, 1953 — The Knickerbocker News

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An editorial in The Knickerbocker News newspaper of Albany, New York.

Teamwork Again?

A new line of cooperation between the United States and Britain, quite a contrast with Britain’s inclination to place foreign trade with Red countries, is seen in a double play apparently initiated by President Eisenhower.

The President has advised Mossadegh of Iran to reach an agreement with Britain in the dispute over nationalization of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, which Iran seized. Otherwise, said President Eisenhower, the United States would not presently be “in a position to extend more aid to Iran or to purchase Iranian oil”.

Simultaneously, Britain has decided to withhold recognition of the new Egyptian Republic proclaimed by General Naguib, according to official sources. [Mohammed Naguib]

The obvious conclusion is that back of these two moves is the same idea, to consolidate the Western powers’ position in two of the most critical stress in the world, both at odds with the British.

An agreement between that country and Iran on the oil issue would solve at least in part the economic impasse of Iran, by permitting resumption of mass oil sales, and perhaps lessen the threat of Communist “liberation.”

An agreement between Britain and Egypt in the Suez Canal Zone dispute would undoubtedly be influenced strongly by the American attitude and it is in the best interests of the free world that the Suez situation be stabilized as soon as possible.

If this is an indication that America and Britain are returning to a policy of teamwork, it is a bright one.


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