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July 19, 1952 — The Knickerbocker News

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An editorial in The Knickerbocker News of Albany, New York following the short-lived appointment of Ahmad Ghavam as Prime Minister.

Some Hope in Iran

Replacement of Mohammed Mossadegh by Ahmad Ghavam es Sultaneh [sic — Ghavam al-Saltaneh, his given title] as premier of Iran may not markedly improve the lot of that unhappy country. But most emphatically it will not make it any worse.

Dr. Mossadegh, the wailing Iranian, had led his nation into diplomatic and financial chaos. By his truculent attitude toward the British and all foreigners, he has driven his country into bankruptcy while achieving nothing of value for his people.

The 77-year-old Mr. Ghavam is no lily in politics. He’s been in jail once, banished once, and has dealt with the Russians. But a change in administration at least provides some hope that an effort will be made to untangle the mess into which Mossadegh got the government.

The West needs Iran’s oil, and Iran needs the West’s money. If Mossadegh, whose rule was based more on terrorism than popular support can be kept in the background, perhaps a deal can be worked out.


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