Anticipating a “Good Show” at the U.N.
October 10, 1951 — The Knickerbocker News

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Editorial in The Knickerbocker News of Albany, New York — October 10, 1951. It was followed up by this related editorial on October 17th.

A Good Show Expected

The United Nations, and the American people, are waiting with some interest for the appearance of Iran’s premier, Mohammed Mossadegh, before the Security Council. He is likely to present a new, or at least unusual, style of diplomacy.

Mr. Mossadegh, in his public appearances at home in Persia, often weeps openly and sometimes faints. Everything is highly emotional when he appears on the scene; a good show can be depended upon.

Whether the Persian premier will employ the same tactics before the U.N. is a question. A fit of weeping likely would inspire nothing more than laughter in the U.N. galleries. And an attack of faintness at best could gain merely mild sympathy; certainly not admiration.

We shall see whether Mr. Mossadegh has the capacity of the good politician the world over—that of gauging his audience.

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