Economic Suicide Prevention

August 25, 1953 — Kentucky New Era

The Mossadegh Project | April 10, 2017                     

A short editorial in The Kentucky New Era about financial aid to Iran after the 1953 coup.

Hands Across The Sea

The Shah of Iran, back in his native land, after a week’s absence, makes the declaration that his country is broke and in a receptive mood for donations for all who care to contribute to a good cause. With his hands outstretched, with palms up, he says that he will not refuse donations from any source, Russia included. He declares, however, that he will make no promises of any benefits to be bestowed for any donations received. That should rule out Russia, for they are not noted for their charitable enterprises.

The whole world knew that Iran was committing economic suicide and all they need do to become solvent is to get their oil flowing. Any good business man could accomplish that.


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