Go Tell It On the Mountain

October 18, 1951 — J.E. Jones

The Mossadegh Project | January 22, 2013                   

Veteran Washington correspondent J.E. Jones on the Iran-Britain showdown at the United Nations.

Mohammed Will Go To The Mountain

Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh, the skinny little patriot who made the world conscious of Iran, has come to New York and the Security Council of the U.N. There has been some doubt about this, but the pint-sized premier has got things in order at home, so he might as well track his British foes right to the U.N. chamber where they are saying he threatens the peace of the world.

Political opposition that caused a three-week stalemate in the Iranian lower-house of Parliament melted when Mossadegh officially advised the 350 British oil technicians remaining at the Abadan refinery to get out of the country by October 4th or get thrown out. The British, who had warned Iran against using force, and announced that His Majesty’s ships and troops would protect their nationals, finally capitulated and ordered the oil workers to leave.

Thus, with harmony at home, and the battle-front moved to New York, Mossadegh’s course is clear. And he should draw a good crowd. His standard method of attack is to burst into tears. This will be something new, even for the Security Council.

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