Iran Uses Caviar To Gain ‘Leverage’
January 31, 1953 — International News Service (INS)

The Mossadegh Project | May 13, 2017                     

Mossadegh Gives Cold Shoulder to Russians

LONDON (INS)—Iran’s refusal to renew the Russian caviar concession in the Caspian Sea was seen by London diplomatic observers yesterday as an attempt to gain leverage for the current oil talks with the West.

The observers do not discount Premier Mohammed Mossadegh’s desire to remove Russian “imperialism” as well as British “imperialism” from his country.

But they also believe Mossadegh wants to strengthen his case for ousting the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company [AIOC] whose properties already have been “nationalized.”

In addition, Iranian newspapers have been frank in stating their belief that Soviet-Iranian tension would lead Britain and the U.S. to give more generous consideration to the Tehran government’s position.

Thus, say London officials, the present chilly attitude of Iran toward Moscow might be an extension of the efforts of Mossadegh to impress on the West the cultivated fear of Iran’s falling to the Communists.

Alternate headlines:

Iran’s Refusal Seen Leverage For Oil Talks
Iran Cuts Russian Caviar Concession In Caspian Sea


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