Premier Shakes Up Iran Cabinet
Dec. 2, 1951 — International News Service (INS)

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Sweeping Victory Is Seen for Premier
At Polls Tuesday

TEHRAN, Iran, Dec. 1 (INS)—Premier Mohammed Mossadegh reshuffled his cabinet Saturday and placed a trusted friend of the Shah in control of the War Ministry.

Mossadegh, who spearheaded the oil nationalization fight against the British, is preparing for new elections.

Morteza Gazdan-Panah was given the War Office portfolio. [sic—Morteza Yazdanpanah] He is known to be one of the most loyal supporters of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi.

Dr. Ali Amini, former Minister of State, was named Minister of National Economy. Former Minister of Labor, Amir Teymoor Kalali, became Minister of Interior. [Amir Teymour Kalali] Shamsoddin Amir Alai switched from the Interior to the Justice Ministry. The reshuffled cabinet was presented to the Shah and senate by Mossadegh.

The nation will choose a new Majlis (Parliament) in the election Tuesday, but the result probably will not be known for about 10 days. Political observers predict a sweeping victory for Mossadegh, whose oil nationalization program is tremendously popular.

Mossadegh himself will not be a candidate. He is 72, two years over the age limit for members of Parliament. [He was 69] But a victory for his National Front Party would amount to his re-election as Premier.

Iranian law does not require the Premier to be a member of Parliament. All of the Majlis’ 136 seats will be filled by Tuesday’s election.

Alternate headlines:

No Changes Expected In Iran Election Marathon
Cabinet Shuffled By Mossadegh In Election Move
Premier Mossadegh Has Re-Shuffled Cabinet Of Iran


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