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August 20, 1953 — The Huntsville Times

The Mossadegh Project | April 7, 2023                    

The 1953 coup in Iran

The Huntsville Times newspaper in Alabama reacted to the overthrow of Dr. Mossadegh in this vintage editorial.

Their front page headline blared: Ex-Premier Mossadegh Arrested. Subheading: Aged Leader, 3 Aides Taken In Iran Capital — Shah Orders His Men To Safeguard Premier; New Threats Arising

Their previous take three days prior, when it seemed that Mossadegh was here to stay, compared him to A Painful Thorn.

Wisdom Will Be Needed

In rapid and dramatic events, the aged Premier Mossadegh of Iran has been overthrown. There seems little doubt that a day of bloody fighting in Tehran in which “hundreds were killed”, has resulted in complete control for forces loyal to the Shah. [Mohammad Reza Pahlavi]

If those gains are consolidated immediately, the young ruler will have a rare opportunity to convince his people of the disadvantages of power rule and Communism, and at the same time improve their welfare tremendously.

Iran, as is commonly known, has some of the largest oil resources in the world. It has little money, primarily because of Mossadegh’s actions in tying up that oil, so it could not be sold, despite continued overtures for settlement from the British and the United States.

Yesterday, the Shah said from his refuge in Italy, “It is not the time to discuss my country’s foreign policy while internal matters still need to be put in order, but I can say that Iran’s relations with foreign nations will improve”, meaning with Western nations.

It is hoped he has the fair settlement of the oil question in mind, for once done, the long needed money from oil royalties will once again start flowing into his country’s treasury. American technical aid, offered before, will undoubtedly be available again.

If the Shah uses the money for his own personal fancies and his ruling clique, as Farouk and other part-time monarchs have done, his existence as a ruler will be short lived.

IRAN PROTESTS 2022: Woman, Life, Freedom
IRAN PROTESTS 2022: Woman, Life, Freedom


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