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August 17, 1953 — The Huntsville Times

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The 1953 coup in Iran

After the first coup attempt against Premier Mossadegh failed, The Huntsville Times newspaper in Alabama published this lead editorial.

Their concurrent front page headline was: Mossadegh Has Complete Iran Control Today—Shah Reeling Following Bloodless Try To Oust Powerful Old Premier.

The coup triumphed two days later, and on the 20th the paper ran a new editorial in response titled Wisdom Will Be Needed.

A Painful Thorn

The thorn of one-man rule of an entire nation has been once again pushed deeper into the side of democracy, and the pain is more severe this time, because this portion of the thorn seems poisoned with Communism.

Premier Mohammed Mossadegh of Iran over the weekend demonstrated his power by more or less forcing the pro-Western Shah to flee to neighboring Iraq because of an alleged coup to return power to the Shah, who is supposed to be the true ruler, anyway. [Mohammad Reza Pahlavi fled on his own accord]

It is unfortunate that the masses of that oil-rich, but money-poor nation do not realize the advantages of a democratic way of life, as compared to the all-for-the-state rule which would be imposed if the Communists did take over. [Democracy or Monarchy?] With the proceeds of the sale of their oil alone, the standard of living could be raised many notches above what it now is.

However, thanks to the actions of Mossadegh, the sale of that oil has been tied up for many, many months, and the resulting development of the country’s facilities has been nil. If the democratic nations had effective propaganda for the majority of the people, as the Communists evidently do, perhaps the story would be different.

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