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      CNN's Frank Sesno: Iran Can't Trust America  

Frank Sesno on Iran

Emmy award winning journalist Frank Sesno first joined CNN in 1984, serving as reporter, anchor, news analyst and former DC Bureau Chief. He has interviewed numerous Presidents and world leaders, appears regularly as a commentator on PBS, NPR and the History Channel, and is a professor of public policy and communication at George Mason University.

In his narration for the CNN special "Iran: Fact & Fiction", Sesno calls Madeline Albright's acknowledgement of the 1953 coup in 2000 "an extraordinary speech- an apology for American interference in Iranian affairs." "It was a risky move in a perilous relationship", says Sesno.

Iran: Fact & Fiction - CNN, December 8, 2007

During a CNN: Special Investigations Unit special "Iran: Fact & Fiction", Sesno commented on past U.S. sins in the studio with Campbell Brown:

FRANK SESNO (on camera): But the psychology is deep-seated. The Iranians repeatedly point to America's intervention in 1953 when the CIA overthrew a prime minister. They point to their support for the Shah through all those years. They point to the American support of -- for Saddam Hussein when he was gassing Iranians on the ground. And the -- and the Iranians will say, international conventions, the United Nations, nobody did us any good then, we're on our own, we need our own deterrents. Not only do we not trust you, we know you have done us real harm in the past.

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